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Latin words "meso" and "therapy" were combined to create the English term "mesotherapy." Mesotherapy, which means "medium treatment" in English, is a type of cosmetic care. It is a process similar to acupuncture where a needle is used on the middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy is the practice of using needles to provide vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other substances directly into the middle layer of the skin. Legally, any healthy adults over the age of 18 may get mesotherapy. However, there are certain persons who have problems that make mesotherapy ineffective or who have contraindications that exclude its use. Mesotherapy offers a very broad range of use cases and applications. The material to be injected with a microinjection application depends on a number of variables, including the person's health situation, age, physical attributes, and necessity. Treatments are therefore customized.


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