Laser Hair Removal

As long as the procedure is carried out by a trained and certified laser specialist, laser hair removal is a straightforward procedure. A laser light is applied to the region with undesired hair by a trained professional. The laser's light pulses assault the hair follicle and the base of the hair, killing them both and stopping them from regrowing. There are three stages to hair development, and the hair must be in the growth phase for the laser to properly kill the root. Because of this, many treatments are necessary. You'll need to schedule numerous appointments that are around four weeks apart to get every hair in that growth phase. For various reasons, each of these techniques is a viable alternative, but those looking for a long-term fix tend to favour laser hair removal therapy. A permanent hair removal method is electrolysis. By inserting a tiny needle right into the hair follicle, this technique kills the hair at the root and stops it from growing back.


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  • Laser Hair Removal in Govind Nagar
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